Create new rooms simply using sliding doors

Create new rooms with sliding doors – it’s easy

The layout of a home is decisive for whether an individual family feels that it’s the right one for them. With sliding doors, it’s not set in stone.

Sliding doors are not ‘just’ an ideal solution for your wardrobe. Using sliding doors to create new rooms in your home is both easy and flexible.

Separate the kitchen from the living room
A large open-plan kitchen space connected to a living room is a must in many modern homes. It provides space for cooking, homework, ironing and parties for the youngsters. But it’s not always ideal to have lots of things happening at once in a large room. It can also be nice for all parties to be able to separate the kitchen from the living room, when the kids want to watch TV in the living room while the cooker hood and kitchen appliances are being used in the kitchen. This is easy to do with a sliding door solution. It lets the family enjoy the best of both worlds – the old-fashioned, enclosed kitchen and the big, open-plan kitchen.

The dream of a larder
Many people also dream of reinventing grandma’s larder, to store anything from tinned tomatoes to kitchen appliances. This doesn’t have to mean bringing in a bricklayer and a joiner for two weeks to build a whole new room from scratch. Maybe there’s a recess by the kitchen that can be turned into a larder with the aid of sliding doors? Or an end wall in the kitchen or utility room, where there’s space to create a larder using a sliding door solution?

Large living room and cosy corner
A cosy living room for everyday life is not necessarily a ballroom. It could be at one end of the living room, perhaps where there’s a wonderful view and you have your comfy sofa. Or the area where the children have gathered all their toys. Sliding doors can set the small living room apart from the big living room. And when you need it, you can open it all up again.

5 new rooms with sliding doors

    • Why dream of a larder, when it can easily become a reality with sliding doors?
    • The large open-plan kitchen can be divided up with sliding doors, so you can do your homework in peace while the kitchen machines are being used.
    • A home office doesn’t need to take up much space. It can be fitted into a sliding door wardrobe, where the desktop can be pulled out. Or maybe there’s room to create a mini-office at the end of the living room or hallway – simply screened off with sliding doors?
    • Children love to play together, but it can also be nice to be able to divide a large children’s room with a sliding door solution, so it can easily be turned into two separate rooms
    • Give your teenager some space. Create one or more flexible walls with sliding doors in connection with a room, so that space can easily be expanded or reduced

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