Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied customers mean everything to our partners

Therefore, we focus strongly on delivering the right products at the right time and at the right quality. Every year we produce 120,000 sliding door wardrobes, which are delivered within 7 – 14 days in the Nordic region

Our goal is to make it easy, manageable and predictable to be one of our customers. The same applies when it comes to customer inquiries. We are very aware that fast and professional handling of inquiries is important for customer satisfaction. If customers are satisfied with our products, they are satisfied with the chain’s brand. Processing an inquiry in the course of 24 hours is our service goal. We succeed in this goal in 95 percent of cases. And almost all customers assess the service they receive as very high.

Personal assistance is always available

We place great importance on the fast processing of inquiries from customers and being available to the chain’s stores when it comes to dialogue and sparring. Our customer service is easy to get in touch with, and this is where the chains encounter competent employees who often speak the local language. Our customer service masters four languages, so personal assistance is always available. 

We consider the handling of customer inquiries to be equally as important for customer satisfaction as being able to deliver a new order on time. We think in terms of solutions – good and fast solutions.

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