Bespoke solutions

KA Interiør provides the latest and most innovative wardrobe solutions.
Our range of colors, textures and interior will ensure you get a
truly individual solution that’s right for you and your customers.


Wardrobe interior

Hinged doors

Wall design


30 years of experience in developing bespoke wardrobe solutions have led to exciting new solutions that push the creative boundaries and encourage to rethink home design.


The creativity of the design process lends itself to the quality of the final product. Our carefully chosen collection of colors and finishing ensure that every bespoke sliding door solutions is a unique experience.

Wardrobe interior

The heart of every wardrobe is interior. Interiors are available in two qualities 19 mm and 22 mm.

In addition to neutral white, we can offer you a variant of different colors. 


As well as being beautiful and functional, wardrobe solutions should be designed to withstand everyday life for
many years to come

Classic design made to measure

Classic wardrobes in a timeless design. Our classic wardrobes are also made to measure and according to the individual project


Wall is a new design that bids farewell to traditional side-walled systems. The result is a wardrobe with a open feel and maximum design freedom.

Want your business to

A close collaboration doesn’t give you quality products on the shelves, you will also become part of a strong partnership which, over time, enables an individual solution for your retail chain to be developed that includes sales, marketing, logistics and IT.

We are pleased to provide quality assurance in connection with the project as well as environmental documentation of our materials.

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