To ensure a positive experience before, during and after the sale,
your chain will have access to a lot of services from KA Interiør

Sales support increases sale of wardrobes

An effective sales strategy increases your sale of wardrobes. Therefore your stores and sellers will get plenty of support from KA Interiør.

To ensure a positive experience before, during and after the sale, your chain will have access to a lot of sales support services from KA Interiør.


Our consultants develop coaches and ensure growth with the retailers.

Store set-up

You will benefit from our professional store set-up that is developed to increase sales in your stores.

Drawing program

You will benefit from our user-friendly drawing program with integration for our consumer version.

Customer service

You will get access to our professional Customer Service in your local language and with an effective service level.


Our training program will ensure that your sellers are trained and ready to increase your sale of wardrobe solutions.

Seller portal

You will get access to our online seller portal with e-learning etc.

Reduction in costs with effective processes

We ensure the process right from your customer’s dream of a new wardrobe to the final delivery, all of it adapted for your chain.

Integrated Drawing program

Drawing- and ordering system which makes it extremely easy to draw and design tailored sliding doors according to custom dimensions.

Efficient and easy order flow

Our order flow is easy and efficient, and the risk of errors and additional actions are minimized.

Efficient delivery with guarantee

The efficient order flow gives you a 7 day’s lead time and with a delivery guarantee of 99,98%

Services that generate traffic for your chain

We provide you with a marketing strategy that generates traffic for your chain.

A tried and tested marketing strategy ensures support for lead generation to your chain, so you are guaranteed searches and visits to the stores. The close partnership with KA interiør means that you get direct access to resources and expertise in our marketing department.


The sale of bespoke wardrobes and sliding doors in your chain will be supported by brochure material in your chain’s design.


Build a strong digital presence with the aid of tools, solutions and content which KA interiør develops and adapts for your chain.


Give the customers inspiration to kickstart the buying process. Our marketing department is ready with content for websites.


Your customers also gain access to an inspiring colour and design tool that makes your chain competitive.


Strategy and content for relevant social platforms strengthens your digital presence and generates traffic.


A drawing program for consumers puts the purchasing experience at the forefront with development – and gets the customer in the mood for buying.

We don’t just make do with delivering our quality products to your warehouse, we provide an individual cooperation that guarantees increased revenue

A good partnership gets better all the time

That’s why business development is a part of the system.

A targeted focus on evaluation ensures that our partnership develops over time. Three important evaluation tools are a part of your partnership with KA Interiør.


Every 3 months, you and your colleagues assess how satisfied you are with the contact. These pools are used to evaluate and strengthen our cooperation with you and your chain.


You have your own consultants attached to your chain who visit at scheduled intervals. This offers the opportunity to adjust and refine the set-up at any time.


Every quarter you get a chain report that contains the most important KPIs for the partnership. The chain report is used to strengthen the cooperation.

Let's start by looking at the sales potential

A good partnership requires that both parties get the most out of the cooperation.

The basis for your decision is a product sales analysis that includes an individual solution for your chain and an estimate of the sales potential.

Ready to grow your business?

Manufactures +100,000 sliding doors annually with only 7 day's lead time

More than 800 deliveries a week, with a delivery guarantee of 99.98%

You get access to a wide product range, with more than 10 different ranges

Part of the Vivonio Group, with a turnover of DKK 2.9 billion and 1700 employees

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