KA Interior Part of German Vivonio Furniture Group

KA Interior A/S from Grindsted, Denmark is known in the Nordic Countries for sliding door solutions of high quality. The company has just been acquired by German Vivonio Furniture Group and is now ready to take the step from being a big Nordic player to becoming an important operator in Europe.

KA Interior A/S from Grindsted, Denmark has 100 dedicated employees producing and delivering sliding doors to the kitchen and furniture industries as well as to DIY retailers.

“KA and Vivonio are a perfect match. We are really happy about the agreement, making us a part of a strong and highly regarded ‘family’ in the furniture industry. Vivonio has a very strong position in the European market, and there is clear synergy between us and the other companies owned by Vivonio. We will benefit from the management skills and strength of Vivonio as well as from the skills, sales channels and network of the different European subsidiaries,” Allan Meyer says, CEO of KA Interior.

From the Nordic region to Europe

KA Interior is known in the Nordic countries for being the biggest private label producer of sliding doors. The company was founded in 1991 and has grown to 100 employees with customers in the North of Europe – with a very strong position in the Nordic region.

”Since the foundation of the company, it has been our strength to deliver bespoke sliding door solutions – all made to measure and assembled by hand. Dedicated employees still assemble by hand, and basically we do what we have always done – today with help from technology – so we manufacture 110,000 wardrobes per year,” Allan Meyer says

Vivonio – KA Interiør gets new opportunities

Vivonio states the following about the acquisition of KA Interior: “The market for bespoke wardrobes and walk-ins is increasing rapidly. With the acquisition of KA Interior, Vivonio secures increased market shares in this niche industry in Europe.”

Supports growth and development

Allan Meyer is proud of the fact that Vivonio is known for acquiring strong companies and supporting them in their further development.

”Our object is to gain new customers and greater market shares primarily in UK and Germany, but also in other European countries. With Vivonio we can develop our growth in Europe,” Allan Meyer says.

Maintaining the workforce

For the workforce in  Grindsted, nothing will change. Business will continue as usual

“We have very skilled and loyal employees that take great pride in manufacturing, selling and delivering sliding doors of high quality. And they will continue to do that – just in larger quantities. I’m convinced that both employees and management are looking forward to the challenge,” Allan Meyer says.

Further information: Allan Meyer, CEO KA Interior: teleph: + 45 76 72 15 00, mail: [email protected]
Photo: KA Interiør A/S in Grindsted, Denmark has just been acquired by German Vivonio and is now ready to take the step from being a big Nordic player to becoming an important operator in Europe

Facts about KA Interior:

  • KA was founded in 1991 as a handicraft business that manufactured sliding door cabinets. KA has grown from a small company with Danish customers to a large company with 100 employees and customers worldwide
  • New technology provides KA with the shortest delivery times on bespoke sliding doors
  • KA produces to order, and all the company’s products are unique and ordered to measure, custom-made to the customers’ needs and wishes for design and interior. Every wardrobe is made of high quality products and assembled by hand.
  • KA is currently the largest Nordic private label producer of sliding door cabinets for the kitchen and furniture industries as well as for DIY retailers
  • KA has until now had DKA II A/S as its majority shareholder
  • In 2017, profit before taxes was DKK16 million; DKK12.6 million after tax

Fakta on Vivonio Furniture:

  • Vivonio was founded in 2012, is based in Munich and operates in the furniture industry. The majority shareholders are funds, led by the investors Equistone Partners Europe.
  • The customers in Vivonio’s companies include big furniture retailers in Germany and Europe. They employ 1,600
  • Yearly turnover is €+350 million.
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