Trend: Nature takes root in the home

Nature has put down roots in interior design

From now on, interior design is taking us back to nature.

Many people lead busy lives and have a strong need to feel grounded. And what better place to seek calm than in nature? We recharge in nature and long for it. This makes it natural for us to try to bring nature into our interior design. So says futurist Missona Aston, who describes nature’s entry into the home as a long-lasting trend.

This applies to the use of both colours and materials from nature in our interior design. It could be on a large or small scale. When it comes to colours, black and white are out. Instead, you’ll find natural tones decorating everything from walls in the living room to wardrobe doors and sofa cushions – ideally supplemented by a ‘jungle’ of green plants. When it comes to materials, wooden drawers have become a big hit in kitchens as well as wardrobes.

“We think about the earth’s resources, and when we invest in something, it has to be good quality. Something that lasts and gives us a good feeling. We’re seeing a break with the throwaway culture, and we’re going from the very stylish, perfect look in interior design to the more personal and imperfect, where we show who we are – or want to be,” says Missona Aston.

The choice of natural materials and colours contributes towards creating a sense of harmony and grounding in the homes of what has been coined ‘the indoor generation’. Although many people love nature, most of us spend the vast majority of our lives indoors. That’s why we’ve started to incorporate nature more into the home.

“We connect nature with health and cleanliness, and it grows in value for us. Home is our base. This is where we spend a large part of our lives, which is why it has to be a good and, increasingly, healthy place to be. There is a tendency for us to relate more to how the physical framework affects us mentally and in terms of health. Which is why we’re seeing how wood, natural colours and organic patterns – as well as sound, light and scent – are elements that many people want to add to their homes. There’s no doubt that nature has taken root in interior design. That said, we will also be seeing some bolder colour choices. These could be bright colours that act as an abstract and artistic element. Not all over the home, but as a contrast to the natural look, typically on knick-knacks, individual furniture, a rug, lamps or tap fittings,” says Missona Aston.

5 x mix & match

  • Nature is a growing trend in interior design. Add wooden drawers to your wardrobe, for example
  • Cultivate a ‘jungle’ of green plants for the bedroom or other living spaces you want to radiate nature and cosiness
  • Nature’s entry into the home is a long-lasting trend. Play with nature’s colours and materials in interior design. Perhaps start by adding knick-knacks, pillows, small rugs and other things in nature’s tones
  • Neutral wardrobe doors, such as white ones, can easily be combined with the natural look. Drop your fear of colour and paint one or more walls in nature’s colours, for example. Or the ceiling. Or everything
  • Dust Green Matt – a natural shade that creates a calm and harmonious expression. Or warm walnut, which contributes to a cosy cave-like atmosphere. See more here.

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